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Eloquent Wed Designs strives to be your one stop solution for all your web development needs. It can be cumbersome at times to split your web presence requirements between various sources so I really want to eliminate that drudgery. I provide web hosting through one of the largest and most reputable web presence providers in the United States.

Why do that?

My experience has taught me that some of our local Internet Service Providers have stretched themselves thin with the services they provide against the match up of their ability to supply technical support. That puts some of their clients at a great disadvantage when it comes to timely and reliable technical support. My philosophy is, let the best do what they do best and that means better and more reliable services for you and less business interruptions.

There is no hassle to setting up your web hosting. I offer some the most competitive rates in the market and will let you know exactly what you get up front. Setting up your account is free.

Every account comes standard with the following features: