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Web Design and Development Services

From a simple site telling potential clients and customers who you are, to an E-commerce site selling service and products locally and worldwide I can work with you to provide the solution that will best suit your business needs.

I start work by first assessing what you need your website to do to support your business goals. What you hope to achieve from having a new site or application can range from solving a problem to bringing in new business to selling products or giving remote workers a place to communicate? By understanding your project goals, I can come closer to creating a proposal that will eventually turn into an application or web site that truly meets your needs.

Sites that I develop will comply with "web standards", meaning that the mark-up I create validates against the W3C standards for web mark-up. This is important because these standards are used when new browsers are developed and sites that do not comply with the standards may be rendered unusable if proprietary mark-up is used in their development. As my latest information shows, about 90% of websites built today are already obsolete.

It is my conviction that the web should be accessible to all users, including those with disabilities either visual, or disabilities that make navigating using a keyboard and mouse impossible. I strive to meet and exceed all relevant guidelines for accessibility standards and actively seek out information and new guidelines in order that my advice is up to date in a fast changing world.

A website built with web standards converts to your site being exposed to the widest audience possible, by catering to people using assistive technologies like screen readers, and internet enable devices such as web phones and PDAs. Web standards also allows your website to be backward and forward compatible (working in old and newer browsers). One of the major benefits however, in creating "Standards Compliant" website is that it saves you the clients lots of money in the end. There is no need to worry about your site being obsolete in the next few years.