Here's What I do
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Web Design & Development

From a simple site telling potential clients and customers who you are, to an E-commerce site selling service and products locally and worldwide I can work with you to provide the solution that will best suit your business needs. Read More

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E-Commerce Design

The internet has fast established itself as a formiable alternative to the brick and morter structure. Anyone can sit in the comfort of their own home and transact with your company, your goods, and services without ever leaving the comfort of their seats. Read More

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One of my main strengths is in understanding online business. You may have the vision, and ideas for taking your business to the Internet but I have the technical expertise to make that vision a reality. Read More

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Website Maintenance

By the very nature of the Internet medium, no site is ever "finished." Just like life itself, web sites are in a constant state of flux: always changing, always growing, always evolving. As your company expands, new ideas are born, and new services are offered. Read More

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Search Engine Optimization

In the brick and mortar world, they might look you up in the local telephone directory or Yellow Pages. In the Internet world, your prospects use search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, AltaVista, and others, to find what they are looking for. Read More

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Website Hosting

Eloquent Wed Designs strives to be your one stop solution for all your web development needs. It can be cumbersome at times to split your web presence requirements between various sources so I really want to eliminate that drudgery. Read More