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Planning The Web Site Content

Graphics can win awards, but content sells your products and services. And content depends on your objectives. You need to provide the information necessary to accomplish your goals. The first step in your web development project is to set specific goals. It is easier then to determine and include the information necessary to meet these goals. Goals such as "increased profits"are too general.

If you can set specific goals like getting someone to join an organization, attend a meeting, make a donation to the Animal Protection Association, or subscribe to a newsletter, it will help you determine the Web site content. For example, if your goal is to get someone to join the BFMA (Business Forms Management Association, your Web site content would include:

The second step would be to determine who your target audience is going to be and what percent of net profit increase do you want through targeting them. There are many aspects of the web development process that is going to be affected by who your target audiences is. Issues of content type, colors used in the site, the type and size of fonts used, the specific technologies used to create the content as well as the graphics used. All these will be affected by your target audience, but most importantly the type on content.

Next you will decide what products or services you would like to sell or market on your website. You need to think about how your prospective clients or current clients will interact with those products or services? Since your web presence will be more about marketing your products and services and less about just having a website, more consideration should go into how those products and services are represented on your website, and how they communicate the uniqueness of your company, and the advantages or benefits of using your services or buying your products.

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