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Selecting and Getting Your Web Site Address

Your Web site can be a dazzling jewel in cyberspace, but if no one comes to visit, it may as well be a bucket of ashes. The name of the game is traffic - visitors to your Web site. Some visitors will be sent to your site from search engines like Google, Yahoo!, Hotbot, AltaVista, Excite, Infoseek, and Lycos. Others will come from links to your site from other Web sites. And others will come to your site because they will type your Web address. It is vital, if at all possible, to have a Web address that is easy to type and hopefully one that is also easy to remember.

Originally, all Web addresses (also referred to as URLs and domain names) were dispensed by an organization called interNiC. They have since changed their name to Network Solutions. Also, they are no longer the only organization providing domain names. Originally, all domain names for businesses ended with ".com", "com" being an abbreviation for commercial. ".org" was reserved non-profit organizations and ".net" for networking organizations. Business domain names can end with letters other than ".com" . Suffixes are also now available, which makes it easier to get the domain name that you would like to use.

If someone already has www.widget.com, you could possibly get www.widget.org. or www.widget.net. Of course, some people register multiple domain names (widget.com, widget.org and widget.net) to prevent others from using the primary name. Others buy domain names in order to sell them to the highest bidder. When selecting a Web address, try to keep it short. People don't want to type long names. Short addresses minimize typing errors and are easier to remember. Long names can be shortened by using initials or abbreviations.

Having said that, as much as possible try using your own business name as those searching the web for your website might be inclined to use a URL with the business name that they know you as. If your business name is "Temple Insurances" and you use a URL like www.smartbrokers.com someone looking for your company on the web will obviously try finding you using "www.templeinsurances.com". Using the right name makes it easier for people to find you.

Usually Web addresses appear in all lowercase letters with no spaces between them, although you can use uppercase letters. If you need to break, you can use a hyphen instead of a space. Spend time choosing your Web address. It' s an important decision.

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