I'm a Front End Website Designer
on St. Maarten

One of my core strengths is understanding online business. You may have the vision and ideas for taking your business to the web but I have the technical expertise to make your web design vision a reality.

Website Design

From a simple site telling potential clients and customers who you are, to an E-commerce site selling service and products locally and worldwide I can work with you to provide the solution that will best suit your business needs.

I start work by first assessing what you need your website to do to support your business goals. What you hope to achieve from having a new site or application can range from solving a problem to bringing in new business to selling products or giving remote workers a place to communicate.

Website Maintenance

When your company changes, let your website change with you!

By the very nature of the Internet medium, no site is ever "finished." Just like life itself, web sites are in a constant state of flux: always changing, always growing, always evolving. As your company expands, new ideas are born, and new services are offered. I support your growth by offering maintenance services to all my clients.

Some of the maintenance services we offer are:

  • Design updates
  • New pages or sections
  • Upgraded functionality
  • 24/7 Website monitoring
  • Monthly Search Engine Submissions.
  • Even when the project is completed, I will still be at your service

Website Hosting

I strive to be your one stop solution for all your web development needs. It can be cumbersome at times to split your web presence requirements between various sources so I really want to eliminate that drudgery. I provide web hosting through one of the largest and most reputable web presence providers in the United States.

Some of the standard features of a hosting account include the following:

  • Apache Web Server
  • 24/7 Help Desk Support
  • Unlimited POP3/IMAP Email
  • Webmail, Neomail or Horde w/IMAP Support
  • Unlimited Domains
  • WebHost Manager for Administrative Control
  • FTP Account(s)
  • Nightly Backup
  • Use of Shared SSL Certificate
Landing Page Illustration

The Web as a Marketing Tool

The Web is the greatest marketing vehicle in the history of the world. Every business that wants to survive and grow needs a Web site. Business clients and prospects will increasingly use the Web for information and commerce. Not having a Web site now is like not having a telephone, or a computer. It is or will soon be an indispensable business tool.

Business Web sites are about marketing products and services. Business Web sites are not, as many people think, graphic design heaven, animations or providing entertainment. They are about providing the information needed by customers and prospects to make purchasing decisions.

For an effective marketing strategy, even though your company might not be the only one in your industry, you can create a unique presence in your market. Your company's marketing strategy is an important tool that works with your web presence to get your company's message across to your customers and prospective customers.

Advantages of Advertising on the Web

One important advantage of marketing through the Web site is that you can make advertising and information changes very quickly and fine tune the information on your website. You can add, delete, or revise information and upload the updates to your Web site the same day, where it will be available for the world to see. Also, there is the ability to include in your Web site a large amount of information, using as much color as you like at a very reasonable price.

Interactivity is another great value in advertising online. Unlike print and broadcast media, your clients can actually interact with your products. They can check out dimensions, read up on product specifications, compare prices, and submit request for information immediately, things that they cannot do with print and broadcast advertisement.

Your web marketing initiatives however, should always be coordinated with existing marketing strategy. For example, print ads, radio and television commercials should always include your company's website address, "www.yourcompany.com".

Creative Process Illustration

I can show you how to profitably use the Internet as more than just a business tool. I can show you how to make the Internet a successful part of your business and how to successfully do business over the internet.

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